Delivered Kickstarter: Nelvana of the Northern Lights (CGA Comics)


One of the Earliest Superheroines, Finally in a Trade of Her Own

What it is
During World War II, Canada imposed the War Exchange Conservation Act (WECA), which put a halt to the import of luxury goods from the U.S. Among these “luxury goods” were American comic books. Canada began creating their own books to fill the stands, one of them being the story of Nelvana, a heroine charged with protecting the north. Until the WECA ended, and American books returned to Canadian shelves, this was considered the Golden Age of Canadian comics. Nelvana herself undergoes quite a journey through the book, starting out as more of a damsel in distress (her brother does most of the heavy lifting in one of the early tales) before truly showcasing the powers she possesses. Eventually she makes the journey into man’s world (sound familiar?) and learns how to become less of a goddess and more of a human when she does.

What I backed
I backed the book at the $30 (Canadian dollars) tier. I was definitely intrigued by what I’d read on the Kickstarter page, but wasn’t sure how much I wanted to invest in it if it didn’t get funded or if, for any reason, the project fell flat.

What I got
I got a copy of the book (paperback format) along with a couple bookmarks, bookplate, poster and postcard featuring the titular heroine.

Was it Worth It?
This is a real slice of history. Not only is Nelvana Canada’s first heroine, she actually predates a certain Wonderful Woman published by a certain company just south of Canada’s border. The collection of her complete black and white stories, plus the addition of her sole exploit in color, makes this a book sure to be a valued part of any comic historian’s library.

Would You Back Again?
I don’t know that that’s going to be an issue, if this is truly the complete collection of Nelvana’s exploits. That said, future tomes celebrating Canada’s rich Golden Age of comics would certainly be an interesting pursuit for the publishers, given the success of this book.

Personally backed & endorsed by Al Sparrow: Covering the full spectrum of comics culture

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